Wednesday, February 21, 2018

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Ryan Dohrn is an international management training and business consultant. Featured in....

No More Boring Management Training!

Ryan Dohrn is the creator of the MAX OUT!  Management Training System and the the author of the book How To Be A Manager Without Being A Jerk! He has managed teams for several Fortune 500 companies and their affiliates including the NY Times Media Group and Disney.

His goal... NO MORE BORING management training.  Ryan created a fun and effective management training program that has received global acclaim.  The MAX OUT! Management Training System is fun and focused to give you maximum results in a minimum amount of time.

Ryan Dohrn has been featured...

Dohrn said, "I was tired of the same boring management training classes. So, I created one that is fun and really works!"

Ryan is a nationally-acclaimed speaker, has been featured in USA Today and on He speaks to over 7,500 people each year!

Ryan has been a manager since 1995 and has won over 20 awards for industry excellence.


5 Reasons Why This is the Best Management Book for Management Training

This manager training book has been used for management training seminars nation-wide!  Hundreds of testimonials prove that this management training book is the best of the best. 

1.  Thousands of satisfied readers!

2.  Written by a real world manager not a corporate CEO!

3.  Real tips you can use right now... today!

4.  Easy to follow training guide!

5.  Results are immediate for you, your team and your career!

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